Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Me+bed rest = crazier than normal....I understand cabin fever

What I have learned from my retinal Detatchment
-  do not call the only specialist with an appointment available to see you a rabid German Shepard.  Even if it is true.  (He has turned out to be a fairly nice doctor now that all is said and done.)
-  never again wait so long to go to the doctor
-  in and out surgery while it is just that make sure the feel good doctor understands that the put you to sleep meds make you sick and a little dot of motion sickness patch behind your ear is not going to help.
-  vomiting after eye surgery is like vomiting after you have had your abdomen cut wide open.  NO FUN!  By the way I can say this because I have had both done. 

In the future I will give my love more credit.  The real reason I wanted my mom with me was because I didn't think he could handle taking care of me.  I love him, and I know he loves me, I just didn't think he had it in him to take care of me.  But turns out, he's got it.  While at the hospital they gave me a barf bag and I took it EVERWHERE with me.  Well almost, the first time I went pee, I didn't, but from then on I did.  I decided to try some apple sauce, it was amazing yummy, however my body rejected it and my love was a champ stood there and soothed me while I vomited all over out bathroom.  Then to my surprise as well as my moms he cleaned it.  He did ruin our shower curtain but that was the only causality of the battle field. Even after that was all said and done he read my emails to me, he read all the get wells to me from facebook he even posted an updated for my friends and family.  Overall IMPRESSED with his care taking skills.

What my eye looked like 5 days after surgery! Never mind the bed head!

Oh I might add all of this was going on while purchasing a house and trying to go threw closing!

So very grateful that my mom came to help.  While she thinks she didn't help much she really helped A LOT.  She did a ton of packing and of course she cooked!  I am not sure whom liked that more me or Rich, though he got to enjoy it more since he actually got to enjoy the food.  This is where the above mention of dot behind the ear comes in.  I vomited from the day of surgery till Saturday.  So for four days I was sick.  When he called the doctor they said it was normal for people to be sick for several days after.  With my moms urging Rich decided that he would take the anti-sickness patch off....(pictures Angels coming down from the heavens singing) I was amazingly no longer sick!

By Sunday I was able to be up and moving around all on my own as long as the animals were not at my feet tripping me😀Given the chance they were right in bed right on top of me right as close as they could be.  The cats would come and go but theses two they are stuck to me! 
Another update late 😃

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