Saturday, June 8, 2013

Missing my family....

Ok I think I am doing a great job with this thing we call project life :)

I have moved on to another week.

This week it is all about missing people, and a new birth, plus my favorite music this week.

With William with Daddy there isn't a lot for me to put in the book.

I joined a Facebook group called Project Lifers and they have given me some really great ideas on what to put in my I shall continue my attempt to move on with this without Willie boy actually being with me.

This week Marsha (my 08 Toyota Yaris) got serviced.  Richie Pooh was sweet enough to take it to the shop and get her belts changed.  Woot Woot!

William had a new cousin born:  His Auntie Krystal had a 3rd baby.  Mariah Ann.  What a beauty.

I am still missing Willie and his cousins.  The photos of the boys were taking the week that I left and goodness I miss there little faces, and all the screaming of my name.  Never did I think I would say that.

Jackson gets to go outside a little here.  Lucky for me he stays in the back yard.  Mostly just lays under that bush.  As long as he continues to stay in the back yard I will let him go out.  No claws just puts him in too much danger to let him out of the yard out of my sight.

This week my favorite music includes: 
Darius Rucker - Wagon Wheel
Blake Shelton - Boys around here
Luke Bryan - Crash my party
Florida Georgia Line - Cruz
Hunter Hayes - I want crazy
Miranda Lambert - Mamas broken Heart
Pistol Annies --- At this point if they are singing it I am liking it :)

My plan is to gather all these songs and all William's favorites and burn them on a CD and then put them in one of the Project life envelopes.  I already picked some up.  I want to wait till the end of the year to do that as well.   I think that I will do the music on a few CD's and then I will put all my favorite photos that don't make the album on another that way later down the road there is an extra copy.  

It is also my intention to make some traditional pages to put in this book.

Ok so I am feeling a little more comfortable with working on this Project Life, life stuff hopefully.  I am going to step out of the box a little more.  

I went to archivers and picked up the Honey Edition.  MMM so pretty.... I love the colors....  And I got my second Studio Calico kit.  Lets just say I think I might only do the required 6 months.  The box it comes in is much nicer then the first one, but it didn't make it to me in that great of shape everything in it was in perfect shape.  But I just think for the amount of money that I am spending that I would be getting a little more then I am I mean for 10 more bucks you can get an entire core kit...and that is provided that you have no coupons.  Just food for thought.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Sentimental Words with Project Life

This is the week, I made it to Idaho.  I don't know if I am excited or sad.  I have only been away from William for 3 days and for some reason it feels more like 3 months.  It is so different this time.

Normally I leave and it is a few days and it doesn't seem that bad.  I guess it is worst this time because I know that I am not going to see him for a few months.  Daddy will be bringing him to me in August.  In the mean time he will be spending a month in North Carolina and doing some travel with Daddy in California.

I got my first studio Calico Kit.  It is different.  I like it I think!  Let me think about it some more...before I decided and give judgement.

The little girl is Richie Pooh's niece, and while he didn't get to go to the first birthday, I went in his place.  I am lucky enough to have known his family for a really long time and really love his baby sister.  I can relate to her situation and having wanted a baby so long I know how special it is when you finally get one.  Plus how could you not love that little face :)

I added our Calendar for the month of May for this week.  A photo of the house that is now our home.

The Learn is a family friends little boy and they were kind enough to invite me to his preschool graduation on the day that I arrived in Idaho...I am so in love with him.  He calls me MiMi too!  Makes me have a soft spot for him :)

The Words of Wisdom for this week while I have no idea where they came (most likely from a movie) from really hit home this week.

At this moment there are 6,470,818,671 people in this world.  (give or take a few) some are running scared, some are coming home, some tell lies to make it through the say.  Others are not facing the truth, some are evil some are good facing evil.  6 Billion people in the world and sometimes you just need one!

I just need my little boy.  He is my whole world my whole universe and I would lay down my life for him in a second.  Sometimes, it takes being away from the ones we love to realize what them mean to you.  Don't wait to let the ones you love know just how much they mean to you.