Saturday, May 25, 2013

Project Life.

A little closer to the big move to Idaho!

Not really a lot going on in our lives this week.  We are getting ready for the end of school we are another week closer to our move and the stress is starting to build on us.

I decided that I was going to include my tattoos and more stuff about me this week.  The Scrump photo is the actual photo I used for my tattoo, and we are still adding color she is in healing mode so no photo of her.  but soon!  My other tattoo that is new this week is William's mother's day note to me.  It says I love you mommy <3 3rd="" a="" all="" and="" are="" ballerina.="" ballerina="" ballet="" be="" because="" called="" clouds="" do="" ever.="" ever="" fantasia.="" fat="" favorite="" final="" forgot="" from="" girl.="" have="" hen="" hippo.="" hippo="" his="" i="" is="" it="" just="" little="" me.="" means="" might="" mom="" much="" my="" nbsp="" nd="" new="" note="" of="" p="" photo="" post="" print="" seen="" so="" t="" tattoo.="" tattoo="" the="" there="" think="" this="" time="" to="" use="" wanted="" was="" what="" where="" william.="" writing="" you="">
The Notes say:  I have never missed a Fast and Furious at the movies since the first one.  I think they are my favorite movies.  The family values in the movie may be the reason!
( I need to find my ticket stubs to go in there.)

The other Note Says:    So PROUD of your report of Beluga Whales.  You were so proud to show it off at the Science Fair.  Willie, you are so smart and we are so proud, very proud of you.
We love you baby boy!

We are fortunate enough to have William going to a Science and Technology school in Knights Landing and while it is 32 miles one way to get him there each and everyday it is so worth it the things that they are learning and the experiences that they are having.  WOW!  We are going to be sad to be leaving the school.  

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