Saturday, May 11, 2013

More Project Life

Ok, so I have made it to week two, I didn't forget about Project Life and I have not shoved it into a corner yet!  The house is getting more and more empty and more and more of a wreck hope that I can keep this going threw this move we are getting closer and closer.

This week I have been traveling to my folks house and helping them.  They are mining Rainbow Obsidian.  WOW that is hard work!  My dad is 70 and thinks this is a fun and exciting hobby!  NUTS! A few bricks short of a full load is what he is.  My mom just supports him in his hobby!  We already knew she was nuts...LOL, sorry mom but it is true.

The Photo under the date slot is my sister in law and my nephew Wesley.  It was such a sweet and tender moment shared between a mommy and her baby I just had to share it in my book.  There aren't always going to be a lot of these moments as they get bigger and I never want to forget them.

We have lived in the apartment that we are living in for nearly 3 years and right before I left this week to go up to my parents house I noticed that the birds were back again this year and again this year they killed my flowers to build a nest in them.  This year it looks like we are going to have 5 babies.  Normally we have 3 and then after the Robins are gone the doves will come and lay her eggs in the same nest.

The little chipmunks that you see.  They were so cute there was 3 of them and my dad feeds them little nuts and his sandwich, fruit and whatever else he may have.  They even will come up and take his coffee out of his cup or water.  While I was there I went up to the mountain to check out what they do and work with them for a few days and my mom was sitting on a bucket digging out some rock and this little chipmunk jumped right up onto her back trying to get her coffee it was so funny.  She jumped up screamed and when running the other direction.  Her response was that she thought that it was a monster on her back the little chipmunk just jumped down and sat there snickering at her.

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