Saturday, May 25, 2013

Project Life.

A little closer to the big move to Idaho!

Not really a lot going on in our lives this week.  We are getting ready for the end of school we are another week closer to our move and the stress is starting to build on us.

I decided that I was going to include my tattoos and more stuff about me this week.  The Scrump photo is the actual photo I used for my tattoo, and we are still adding color she is in healing mode so no photo of her.  but soon!  My other tattoo that is new this week is William's mother's day note to me.  It says I love you mommy <3 3rd="" a="" all="" and="" are="" ballerina.="" ballerina="" ballet="" be="" because="" called="" clouds="" do="" ever.="" ever="" fantasia.="" fat="" favorite="" final="" forgot="" from="" girl.="" have="" hen="" hippo.="" hippo="" his="" i="" is="" it="" just="" little="" me.="" means="" might="" mom="" much="" my="" nbsp="" nd="" new="" note="" of="" p="" photo="" post="" print="" seen="" so="" t="" tattoo.="" tattoo="" the="" there="" think="" this="" time="" to="" use="" wanted="" was="" what="" where="" william.="" writing="" you="">
The Notes say:  I have never missed a Fast and Furious at the movies since the first one.  I think they are my favorite movies.  The family values in the movie may be the reason!
( I need to find my ticket stubs to go in there.)

The other Note Says:    So PROUD of your report of Beluga Whales.  You were so proud to show it off at the Science Fair.  Willie, you are so smart and we are so proud, very proud of you.
We love you baby boy!

We are fortunate enough to have William going to a Science and Technology school in Knights Landing and while it is 32 miles one way to get him there each and everyday it is so worth it the things that they are learning and the experiences that they are having.  WOW!  We are going to be sad to be leaving the school.  

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Mother's Day and Project Life OH MY!

Happy Mother's Day to all the Mommy's out there!
This is me, my mommy and my baby from April, when we went for my mommy and Willie's Birthday.   What a great time it was.  It was my first time with my mom and Willie's first time with my mom.  A memory I will love forever and always!

This is the first Mother's Day that I have had the pleasure of spending with my mom since I became a mommy.  

I wasn't with Willie but that didn't stop us from Celebrating when I got home.  We enjoyed a day at the gardens.  Maybe not really Willie's thing but I sure enjoyed it and Ultimately we all had a great day.

The Lilacs are from my moms yard, and they smell what I imagine heaven to spell like.  

Troy (my brother) had me go with him to get a truck.  Finally he is able to get a car that he really deserves and worked so hard to get, he looks so happy.

I had Yogi and Lub-Lub (Kenny's babies) spend the night.  Good Lord I love those two, I am so glad I get to be there MiMi.  

I been sewing little pillowcase dresses for Richie Pooh's niece, and If I do say so myself they turned out so cute and I can't wait to see them on her.

Still not really venturing out of the box, but I am getting use to the idea of doing this every week and even remembering to take pictures.  Two more weeks and we will be out of Sacramento, and to our new home in Idaho.  

Saturday, May 11, 2013

More Project Life

Ok, so I have made it to week two, I didn't forget about Project Life and I have not shoved it into a corner yet!  The house is getting more and more empty and more and more of a wreck hope that I can keep this going threw this move we are getting closer and closer.

This week I have been traveling to my folks house and helping them.  They are mining Rainbow Obsidian.  WOW that is hard work!  My dad is 70 and thinks this is a fun and exciting hobby!  NUTS! A few bricks short of a full load is what he is.  My mom just supports him in his hobby!  We already knew she was nuts...LOL, sorry mom but it is true.

The Photo under the date slot is my sister in law and my nephew Wesley.  It was such a sweet and tender moment shared between a mommy and her baby I just had to share it in my book.  There aren't always going to be a lot of these moments as they get bigger and I never want to forget them.

We have lived in the apartment that we are living in for nearly 3 years and right before I left this week to go up to my parents house I noticed that the birds were back again this year and again this year they killed my flowers to build a nest in them.  This year it looks like we are going to have 5 babies.  Normally we have 3 and then after the Robins are gone the doves will come and lay her eggs in the same nest.

The little chipmunks that you see.  They were so cute there was 3 of them and my dad feeds them little nuts and his sandwich, fruit and whatever else he may have.  They even will come up and take his coffee out of his cup or water.  While I was there I went up to the mountain to check out what they do and work with them for a few days and my mom was sitting on a bucket digging out some rock and this little chipmunk jumped right up onto her back trying to get her coffee it was so funny.  She jumped up screamed and when running the other direction.  Her response was that she thought that it was a monster on her back the little chipmunk just jumped down and sat there snickering at her.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Project Life Week 1

Ok, so I have made it to week one and I have even put stuff in for week one.    I am still working with no camera and still my house is nearly empty.

Because Willie is an only child we celebrate his birthday for at least a week and this year is no different.

Yes, indeed I did loose my mind this year and yes they are hitting a pinata in my living room!  We have barely anything in the house and we have vaulted ceilings so might as well keep the kids out of the 100 plus degree weather and let them beat it in the living room :)...hope he remembers what a cool mom I am when he is 16.

I am not yet feeling adventuresome in this album yet.  I did join a Facebook group called PROJECT LIFERS, so hopefully that is going to make me jump out of my box a little.  I have been going threw my years and years of hoarding scrapbook stuff and using some of the letters, rub ons and stickers that I have saved for a "special project".  Do we ever really have a "special project"?  Aren't they all special?

One of the things that I want to do in this book this year is to give him very special notes, include myself, his daddy, and the rest of our family and friends in this album.  Because for the last 6 years each of the books have been solely about him and it is rare for you to see a photo of anyone other then himself in the books.  Hopefully I can change that this year.  My special notes I would like them to be in my own handwriting as well as others that love him.  And I would to include some of my favorite quotes, movie lines, or things that he says.  He is quiet the little character!

The journaling reads:  William this year we celebrated your birthday all week long.  We had a tiki party per your request.  your Auntie Diana, Uncle Kenny and all the boys came to help you celebrate your special day.   We even had a pinata in the living room.  Not sure what I was thinking but I let yall do it. YIKES!  What was I doing?  Daddy took you to see Iron Man 3, he has been taking you to see a super hero movie every years since you were 2.  And he also took you to Great America, you had a lot of fun!  I am told that two of the greatest gifts we can give our children are roots and wings.  I hope we are giving you both.  All my Love Mommy.