Monday, April 29, 2013

Project Life

I have been talking about doing project life for at least 5 years!  Finally I am doing something about it.

Every May I start a new album for Willie and then my year end is April.  This year with all the chaos of yet another move to another state I decided to go and finally do Project Life.  Because I have issues with commitment I decided that I would do one page per week, and see how it goes.

I opted to get several different kits.  I got the Blush kit from HSN.  It was everything that I needed to start these project.  I am not going to lie it sat in the box for over a month before I even opened it.  Then when I opened it...well it sat another month.

Then I was cruzin around Hobby Lobby and found the mini kits and got the seasonal kit, childhood mini kit as well as the baby boy mini kit.

So here we are I have started the project.  Took me days and days to commit to this but this is what my first page is going to look like I would like to find some little pictures to put in some of the slots but haven't decided what I might wait until the end of the year and pick a few of my very favorites from the year!

Please excuse the horrible photos.  I will figure out how to photography these.  Currently it is the iphone or nothing everything is packed.

What do y'all think?  Not to creative, I just did what Becky Higgins suggested.  But once I decide what/where I am going to put photos it will be much better.

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