Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Virginia park

Who here doesn't love Basic Grey, and better yet if you don't how could you not?

This layout was made from scraps.  Simple clean basic.  I need a title on it.  But it is one of those layouts that will probably always stay half finished. 

There was a cute park near where we lived in Virginia that was a former dairy in civil war times, and since has become a national park for the life of me.  I can't remember the name of the park.  BOO :(  anyhow the park has a beautiful creek that runs threw it and these big rocks that you can walk on to cross to the other side and that is what the pictures are of, I was standing on the huge bridge while they were brave crossing it. The bottom left picture is William standing in a rotten tree.  Yes gross I know there were tons of bugs and stuff in there but still he wanted to stand in it.  The mushroom is just one of my obsessions.  I love to take pictures of them when I see them.  I need to do a scrapbook of nothing but mushrooms that I have photographed.

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