Wednesday, February 29, 2012

It's all about the photo

For me sometimes it is just simply all about the photo.  I never really have been one to do just single page layouts.  Recently however I have found some of my favorite photos had not been scrapbook.  Because they needed to be more then just pictures on pages they needed to be THE PICTURE.

This photo was taken by my mom, while William and I visited her from Virginia.  It was her very first time meeting him, and he took to her like he had know her all his life.  I love the picture!  

Thursday, February 16, 2012

All Because two people fell in LOVE...when I seen this paper and this mini book by BoBunny.  I knew exactly what I was going to do with.  
I ran right home with it and played with the paper and picked the ones that I loved the most and started playing. I immediately knew that I wanted to use pictures of my grandparents from when they were young and beautiful, I wanted dig threw my moms black and white photos and find the PERFECT pictures. But atlas I was not able to do that.  So now the album simply sits in my living room foot stool.  Sad I know.  But one day!
The Flowers, bling, butterflies, are all part of the Micheal's recollections line.  They hold up well and are beautiful in the book.   Most of the swirl bling has been cut up and moved around to make it fit on the book the way that was pleasing to me.  
The reason I found this paper to be so special and perfect for me is because my grandfather collected keys.  Strange collection I know right. But he was a quirky man.  Because he was blind.  I am not sure why or how the collection got started but I do know that he had a large collection and some really cool skeleton keys.   This little trip down memory lane has nothing to do with my book.  But when I was a little girl  my parents took me to Niles Cannon in Fremont California and while we were in an old Antique store I found some  skeleton keys and threw a fit until my parents bought them for me ...I wanted to give them to my grandpa.  
 So since I told you about my grandpa I should share a story about my grandma.  She was an amazing cook and made the best, yummy, amazing foods.  She was an amazing gardener and had a green thumb like no one I ever knew.  My mom did her skill of gardening however not her cooking.  When I was making the pages to this book I was thinking my grandma would like the colors cause they are not too girlie.  She was not into pinks and anything terribly girlie she like natural colors.  But I think that she would be able to appreciate the beauty in this book.

I didn't care for the paper on this page so I decided to cover the album with some other paper I love the key hole on this page and the ribbon has a little lock on it as well as a tag tied to it.  The black lines down the sides of the page are black velvet ribbon.  The bird is also a bling.

Because the pages are so loaded with Bling, flowers, butterflies and what not I had to rotate where they laid.  Wasn't something I taught out to well.  but once I really got elbow deep in the book I realized that this was not something that was just going to be able to lay on a table nicely.  But it is going to be beautiful with pictures of my grandparents in it once I get them ;)   This is the picture that I had that inspired me.  It is a picture of my grandpa and my great grandma along with my mother as a baby.  I am not 100% sure but I believe that this would be in Wisconsin since that is where my mom was born and her family was originally from.