Saturday, October 16, 2010

Sketchy Thursday Challenge

Alright so I am not that great at keeping up with my blog...but, tonight I scrapped for the first time since I have been back in California...well no not really the first time, I have done a few things for others but tonight I actually did something for myself. So excited to share it with you!
This is the inspiration:

For me I would say it did it's job...Now here is what I came up with...I know the picture isn't that great...I am sorry I haven't figured out how to photograph my layouts yet...but I am working on it...The paper is Bo of my favorites :) I Love the bright colors and how happy the paper is... 

It is rather hard to see the pictures of my little monster so i am attaching them as well cause you just have to see how cute they are!  Love these pictures, they were taken in Blairsville, PA.  We were driving from Virginia to California and these was one of the stops along the way.