Thursday, August 26, 2010


...we made it to California that is.  It was for sure an adventure, and it will need to be scrapped but right now we are taking it one day at a time.  William and Mini Moo did great in the car, and even when we were all tired, cranky, and just wanting to be free of the car we all did great.

...Then it happened...

The car broke down...

Oh wait maybe I should give the back story since I have not blogged in oh so long...I decided that I was going to drive my precious Jeep out here to California.  Then my worst nightmare baby was involved in a hit and run in front of my house in the middle of the night.  How did that happen?  We don't know cause no one heard a thing...and how can that be?  Who Knows!
Someone killed my baby...she was old, but she was paid for and she was mine.  The insurance company sent out investigators, my family and I were both interrogated (and I mean that) by a PI the insurance company hired cause they just couldn't believe that the car just was like this when we got up!

So that was Wednesday, Kenny (my brother) came out on Friday and we were suppose to be driving my jeep home...ooops change of I need to run and buy a car...not a lot of time so at this point it was just find something you can live with Misty....So I did...I found a cute tiny little Chevy Blazer...
Not a great picture but you get the idea of cute, and tiny, it isn't really my jeep...but she'll work.  We got here Friday night, and we were out the door on Saturday...

Saturday afternoon we stopped in Pennsylvania and seen Donny...  William was so happy to see Daddy and I was so happy to see my white jeep.  Daddy is going to school in PA at Wyotech, so while he is doing that we are on our own!

By Sunday, the little blazer, Kenny, William, Mini Moo and I had all made it to Wyoming.  Don't ask how we made it there so quick because I have no idea.  We did the speed limit the whole time never speeding, and we stopped a bunch of times.
That is when it happened in Cheyenne the car started making a funny noise oh yeah and we seen it was leaking water from the radiator, so we thought we would just go to the next town and spend the night give the car a rest, we found a place spent the night and thought it will all be better in the morning.


In the morning we got on the road early, right away, we find out the pin leak that we thought we had was really a hole in the radiator and the noise is really the transfer we are in Rawlings.  Nicest people you will ever meet at the Chevy Dealership there.  However they did charge me over six hundred dollars for a checkers radiator.  RIP OFF!  They couldn't fix the transfer case.  By now Kenny is a grumpy pig and we are stuck in Wyoming another day.  So we get the radiator in early the next day and opt to drive the car to Salt Lake City, Utah where we spend the night with Kenny's In Laws....and Rent a Car for the drive back to Sacramento.

I was never so happy to be in California in my whole entire life.

I have been busy with going to school to be a groomer, and I have kept up with most of my scrapbooking clients in Virginia.   Plus I have been working on designing some new stuff for some stores in California in hopes of getting picked up by someone here.  Plus great news that one of my favorite stores that was here re-opened so I sent them some pictures of stuff that I am currently working on.

Tomorrow I will catch you all up on William and Mini Moo...Love to all :)

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